Man Time

Grooming & Barbershop

The home of men's grooming and barber services on the idyllic Central Coast of New South Wales. Men can relax in with premium barber and male day spa and enjoy services designed for their specific needs.

Barber Services

Beards, Shaves and Hair Styling

We provide a complete range of barber services on the Central Coast. Our basic cut is the Barber Plus. The Plus is because we shampoo and condition your hair to promote healthy growth, we offer a drink from our hot and cold selection, and finish with a hot towel, moisturising shave cream and barber cut throat shave on the back of your neck. We don't charge extra for this, that would be like charging extra for sauce on your pie. Very un-Australian.

Skin Treatments

Save Your Skin

The environment places tremendous strain on our skin, and yet men notoriously continue to neglect it until it is too late. We have a number of day spa treatments designed for males to help you get your skin back on track and maintain balance. Every week we see males with weathered skin, and for some there is a limit to how much we can turn it around. Prevention really is better than a cure.

We also have a skincare range perfect for men from Australia's own ASAP, carefully selected due to its effectiveness in the Australian climate.


Clean Up, Repair and Relax

We are the premier destination for day spa services designed exclusively for men. Every day spa service offered has been carefully selected to provide the greatest benefit for the specific needs of men. From waxing, to more permanent hair removal using laser, or treating issues such as oily skin, acne or dry skin. We also have an individual spa bath and steam treatment room, to help with cleansing or relaxing your muscles.

Hair Removal

Men's Laser Hair Removal

For permanent hair reduction we have selected the German Engineered Asclepion DiOde Laser. We have achieved superior results without the side effects of other laser clinics. 

Men's Waxing

If you are after a more temporary hair removal solution, waxing will be the solution. Unlike clippering or shaving, regrowth is less scratchy and irritating.

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