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Man Time
Be Your Own Man

Looking good means feeling good, and high standards in grooming means high perceptions of you.

Now you have a place where you can be yourself, enjoy skin and body treatments designed for men and have you hair and beard groomed.


Not all hair and skin products are created equal. We researched and trialled to find the best products for you. We stand by our choices. Come and chat with us about any of the concerns you are facing. We will be able to help.

I have asked myself "Why not men? Why can't men have their own space designed for them, to deal with the issues of men , or just  relax and escape?"

Man Time was born. Not a hipster Barber Shop jumping on the current bandwagon (don't get us wrong, some of those places are great). Man Time is a place of style and acceptance. Where no matter what type of man you are, what your preferences are, what issues you have, you are welcome to escape the world for a moment as our attention is placed on your comfort and grooming needs.

After years of research and training, we've developed the blueprint that is Man Time. Where you will be treated like a King. Provided with a high quality service from barbering to reinvigorating spa treatments. And when you leave, feel a few inches taller with confidence to face the world.

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