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Man Time Sports Recovery

Post Workout Spa

This session is for after your run, ride, swim, workout, or training session to help with muscle recovery. A Hot Spa can help speed up recovery, and flush lactic acid, and free proteins, promoting regeneration and protection. Also helping to retain amino acids. You MUST cool down for 20 minutes prior to the Spa, your cool down routine should always include stretching not just a drive to Man Time. It is also important to remain hydrated throughout your workout, and we will provide water whilst you are in the spa.

The spa will contain epsom salts and a blend of essential oils to help you relax, and increase recovery outcomes.

Please note that a Hot Spa is not appropriate where you may have been injured such as a corky or muscle tear. Ice/cold therapies are suited for that.

Recovery Spa

For the days following, our Hydro Spa can help you further. Air and hydro jets can be adjusted to target the areas you need most. Magnesium salts and essential oils provide added benefit as you relax and let your muscles release their tension. 

Add A Massage

Enjoy a post spa half hour massage. A relaxation massage will have you feeling light on your feet in no time. Essential oils will help replenish your skin. 

Please Note

You must cool down between exercise and taking a Hot Spa. This should take 20 minutes including your stretching routine.

If you have sustained an injury during physical activity e.g. corky, muscle tear, a Post Workout Spa should not be taken.

Clients must wear underwear or swimmers in the spa at all times. Please bring a change of underwear or swimmers.

Spa clients need to remain hydrated, we recommend hydration throughout your exercise and will provide water during the spa.

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