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The Spa Room 

Featuring our Spa and Steam capsule

Body Steam and Express Facial

The benefits of a private full body steam are well documented in sports journals. This treatment improves recovery from exercise, relieves aches and pains in muscles and joints, raises your metabolism, drains toxins from your body and improves circulation. 


add a 30 minute full body massage for $30

Invigorating Body Treatment

Cut back the layer of grime and pollution on your skin with a full body exfoliation. AHA's remove your dead skin cells, unblocks pores and reduces ingrown hair in hard to reach places. This deep cleansing treatment will get rid of rough dead skin and also improve circulation making your skin healthier.

60 mins- $120

Body Wrap
Purifying Body Treatments

Customised to your skin type, a hydrating gel or detoxifying clay treatment is applied to your body and is processed with the assistance of the steam capsule. Total relaxtion with the benefits of improved skin texture and appearance.

60mins- $140

Purify the skin on your back or chest with this focused treatment. Utilising the benefits of steam, double cleansing with ASAP products, a clay based body mask and finally moisturiser we draw out the impurities embedded in your skin and restore the skin's balance and health.

60 mins-$120

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