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Ageing is a sure thing - looking old is not

For the face...

Express Facial

For the man on the go. This treatment is a great pick me up or to maintain great skin health. Leave your face feeling fresh and revitalised.

40 min: $80.00

Specialised Skin Treatment

After receiving a skin assessment, we will provide a targeted treatment to freshen your face up and work towards resolving skin issues, including acne, sun damage and de-hydration.

60 min: $110.00


Sugaring Black Head Extraction

For a thorough pore clean out add sugaring to your face treatment. Ina is available Thursdays for this specialist service that will provide immediate results.

20mins: $45.00 (available Thursdays)

Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint

Difficulty seeing your eyebrows or eyelashes? Are they starting to go grey? This quick service can provide a natural looking result.

15mins: $20

Skin Peels

Taking skin treatment to the next level. Skin peels are designed to remove the outer layer of skin cells leaving your face looking smoother, healthier and less wrinkled.

There are a number of options which our skin expert will discuss with you.

Skin peels can:

-reduce fine lines under the eyes, and around the mouth

-treat wrinkles caused by sun damage

-reduce the appearance of mild scars

-treat persistent acne

-improve the look and feel of skin

60 min: $75


Micro-needling creates micro-punctures in the skin causing the body to naturally respond with its repair processes.

The result is an increase in collagen, similar to fractional laser therapy without the side-effects.

The micro-needle punctures allow topical treatments to penetrate deeper into the skin, enabling treatments to have a greater impact.

Micro-needling can work for:

-aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles

-acne and trauma scars


-skin tightening and rejuvenation

-enlarged/dilated pores


-vertical lip lines


60 mins: $320 (available Thursdays)

Free assessment consultation

Free peel with your first session

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