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Zero Fades Given

As the warm weather continues into Autumn, short haircuts are still the go to for many men. Some have even shortened their hair game with zero fades. But what is a zero fade and is it for you?

How long do you want it?

A fade is labelled by the shortest length. So a #1 fade uses a #1 clipper guard at the bottom. You can get a half, a zero, some even add a double zero, then there is bald or razor fade.

A #1 fade is relatively conservative, this isn't a true fade, but rather a taper. It does allow your hair line to remain tidier for longer, adding a longer life to your haircut.

Shorter than that is a half fade. Yes we have clipper guards that are half lengths. Next is a real fade, a zero.

A zero fade still leaves hair about 0.4mm long, thing 5 o'clock shadow. It gives a fade effect without the sometimes harsher look of a bald fade. THis is often more preferred by business and sales men.

Barber Hair Cut
Man Time Barber Bald Fade

Next of course is the bald fade (pictured). This isn't for everyone, especially those that prefer a more conservative look. However if you want something edgy, this is your go to. A razor of foils might be used to remove the hair down to the skin. Some argue the foils cut closer, others a blade. Both are pretty much the same in good hands, however foils don't require gel or shaving cream, are usually don't cause a skin reaction such as razor burn.

Next, How high do you want it?

Low, medium or high? This refers to where the shortest length goes up to.

Pictured is a low bald fade. The bald part goes up to about a 1-2cm above the ear.

A medium fade has the shortest length go about 2-4cm above the ear.

Finally the high fade goes up to the crest, of where the curve onto the top of your head starts, meaning most of the side of your head is bald.

Right now the most in demand fade is a low zero fade, but expect this to get longer as the weather cools down.

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