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Why Men Don't Look After Themselves.

Male Grooming is on the rise. Men are paying around $125 per month to look good, however still lag behind women ($167) and pets ($164). Yes that is right, we spend more on our pets than ourselves. However given that many men still swear by their $15 chop shop barber cuts after six months, or simply clip their own hair, the rest of us that take more care with our grooming are spending considerably more to maintain that average spend.

So what does this mean for you? Quite simply that you have permission to take the time and money to look after yourself, just as many of the men you pass in the street already do.

So often men come into Man Time and feel they have to make an excuse to justify taking the time for a decent hair cut, or enjoy a facial or clean up with a wax or laser hair removal. There almost seems to be an element of guilt. But why do men feel guilty?

Destress at Man Time.
De-stress with Man Time Grooming and Barber Shop

Peer Pressure

Of course the main stream media love to wheel out the blokey, man's man, toxic masculinity card to explain away anything like this. Yes, there is an element of truth to it, however Australian culture is notorious for bringing down anyone that looks to stand out, aka tall poppy syndrome. So we learn from a young age that if you blend into your surrounds you draw less attention, and less criticism. This isn't the sole domain of men, women do it too. However much of this culture has declined since the turn of the century, and men who look after themselves are gaining higher regard.

Life Ethic

Work hard, drink hard, provide for the family. This philosophy leaves no room for self care, an area where men truly struggle and sometimes fail with disastrous, even fatal, consequences. Self care is often confused for selfishness. In contrast self care helps you become the best version of yourself, so that you can look after others to the best of your ability. Think of it like this, if you are run down and tired, when you go home are you patient, helpful and receptive or just cranky, short and want to be left alone, feeling like your head is being crushed from the inside? Probably the latter. Time to make room for yourself, and you will probably find you will then have more time for others.

What's the Point?

Unravel at Man Time Barbershop
Look good and feel confident.

The reality is that if you look after yourself, inside and out, you will feel greater confidence, interact better with people, be more productive around the home and at work, and break down the barriers to better mental health.

There is no time like the present to start looking after yourself. At Man Time that is our sole purpose. Every week we have men walk in stressed, shoulders slumped and tired. We do everything we can to have them leave not only looking good but feeling confident and ready to take on the world, and observing the transformation, from the hair shampoo to the laser treatment is fantastic. Then when they next visit they also let us know how happy their loved ones are too.

Often we hear from people that they wish the man they love, be it their father, brother, boyfriend or husband, would take time to treat themselves and take some pressure off, but he refuses. The guy comes in grumbling, muttering that he was sent in, and after a little while they begin to relax and enjoy the process, wondering why they had never done it before. Ask your loved one if you deserve a treat, a little Man Time. You might be surprised by their answer.

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