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Tradies' Neck

Tradies' Neck is where the back of the neck resembles the skin of a 70 year old, even when the tradie is only around 30. The face follows soon after. This is especially the case with landscapers that come through our doors. It is a symptom of the fact that outside of sunscreen many men don't use anything to protect and look after their skin and prevent premature aging.

Skin treatments can reduce premature ageing

Grabbing that supermarket soap and scrubbing your face is probably doing more damage than good. You are simply using chemicals to strip away natural oils along with some of the grime and giving your skin nothing back. You're most likely not even getting a deep cleanse, leaving the pores to become blocked.

Facial is not a dirty word. Whilst some men stuck in the last century still think a facial is something you only do if you're soft, those that are up with the times realise that not only does a facial keep you looking younger, longer, it cleans out all of the pollution your skin picks up. It helps reduce pore size, reduce black heads and pimples. Try this test. Run the back of your nail on your two pointer fingers along the end of your nose towards the centre, squeezing the skin. Do you see black or white bits popping out of your pores? These black or white heads often go ignored, but demonstrate the need of a clean up. Do you have flakiness in your eyebrows, or feel like you skin is dry or oily? Washing your face with soap more often is not the answer.

So what is the answer?

Boot Camp for the skin. Man Time introduces our Boot Camp. Your first appointment will be a free skin analysis. Not just your face, but your whole body, back, chest, arms and legs. We will then design a treatment regimen to target your needs. Your regimen will include four sessions plus products to use at home and include a complimentary barber cut at completion. The Boot Camp is designed to get your skin back on track. So not only will you feel better after a relaxing treatment, you will look better and have more confidence as you take on the world.

Call now to book your Boot Camp initial consultation. Remember it is free and suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

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