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Lasers aren't just for Star Wars

Hair Removal has come a long way in our technologically driven age, are you keeping up? I must admit I wasn't. Back and shoulder hair was just a fact of life as you grew older. Unlike the more distinguished look a few flecks of grey on the head bring, back and shoulder hair is just embarrassing.

I was thankful that I wasn't as body follically advanced as some others, with just a modest covering on the upper back, but that was bad enough. So I was intrigued when it came time for us to choose a hair removal service to complement our Barber Shop. After having been clippered, shaved and waxed, I hoped there was something better. The priorities were: pain free, effective, pain free, quick and pain free.

We looked at numerous machines, IPL and Laser, before deciding on the German engineered and manufactured Asclepion diOde Laser.

Mens Laser Hair removal
Man Time Laser Hair Removal for Smooth Results

Once again my flesh was offered up like a cosmetic guinea pig. And wow was I impressed. I felt a little warmth in parts but no pain, no burning sensation, nothing. I also got an immediate result. No, it didn't all go, but there was a clear reduction from just one round.

We have had a number of men from all walks of life undergo laser hair removal, tradies, white collar workers, academics and the results have been great. We have received feedback stating it was like getting a massage, that they wish they had done it sooner. Also very importantly, "my partner loves it".

The one draw back is cost. Men generally don't like spending money on themselves for cosmetic reasons. However if you put it into context, this is a relatively short term investment for a long term result. You will save time, and compared to waxing and clippering you will also save time in the long run. Plus the discomfort of scratchy regrowth will be behind you. Body hair management becomes one less thing to worry about.

BE WARNED there is a time limit. The laser won't work on grey hairs. So if you are starting to go grey book your session today before it is too late. To get rid of hair where you don't want it check out our prices and services here.

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