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Hands Down, You Need To Do This.

Watch, shoes and hands. Like it or not these are the things that draw judgement on you and your character. These three things say more about you than your suit or haircut. The watch is an indicator of wealth. Admittedly in Australia this is a little less looked for than the other two. Your shoes also reflect how well you are going, but also how well you look after your things. Are your shoes polished? Do they match what you are wearing? Finally your hands. Your hands show your age more than your face does. They also indicate cleanliness and self control. Do you take care of your nails or are they just chewed down? Are your nails stained from tobacco, grease or other activities? Yes, all judgemental, but there is also a practical side to looking after your hands.

For a start, your partner probably isn't keen on you touching them with filthy, rough hands. Also using moisturiser helps your skin retain spring, reducing the likelihood of tearing as you get older. It also helps to stop dry skin which can split and create even more problems. The reality is that you hands cop a flogging and are usually rewarded with a harsh scrubbing soap or worse.

So what can you do to maximise the health of your hands? If you are a tradesman you might need a scrub to remove the grease, dirt and other environmental stains. Follow this up with a moisturiser at the end of the day. If your hands are particularly dry also moisturise in the morning.

Finally get into the habit of having a manicure. It is a game changer for your hands and nails. Whether it is an end of week clean up, or a monthly treat. More and more men on the Central Coast are recognising the benefits of manicures being part of an evolving self care routine. Man Time Grooming and Barber Shop on the Central Coast has now introduced Manicures into our menu.

To launch the new service we are offering a one-off special of a FREE express manicure with every Barber Plus Cut on Thursday 30 May between 11:30-7pm (manicure must be pre-booked with Barber Cut).

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