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Become more a-Peeling.

Corny jokes aside, a face peel may just be the game changer you are needing. Especially if you have a wedding or school formal coming up. A good skin routine is not always enough to deal with problematic skin such as sun damage or acne. The ASAP peels used by Man Time Grooming on the Central Coast are a gentle and effective way to cut through damaged outer layers and reinvigorate your face.

Unlike other peels don't expect skin to come off like you've had front row seats to the latest in nuclear testing. You won't even notice the skin coming away a lot of the time, however the exfoliation that the peel produces will reveal a fresher you.

To prepare for a peel you should commence a skin treatment routine and include the Clear Complexion Gel or Radiance serum for your face for two weeks. Then book in for a series of six sessions, one per fortnight to maximise your outcome.

Post peel, do not wash or wet your face for 8 hours. There may be a little redness in this time. For the following three days limit sun time, stop using all products except the Daily Moisturiser with SPF 50+ and soothing gel. If there is any peeling it will conclude in 3-5 days.

Man Time Grooming & Barber Shop on the Central Coast has a limited introductory offer which includes all of the products you need to get the best results. Simply purchase 6 peels and receive the ASAP rejuvenate pack for free. There are a limited number of these packs so get in quick. Call 43395823 to book your sessions.

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