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American Crew Makes Scents.

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

American Crew has dropped a new cologne on the market and it is a Win. Literally.

Win by American Crew provides a sophisticated cologne in a market flooded by overpowering smells that appear as much designed to make women pass out by drowning in the waft as they are to provide a false sense of maturity. American Crew advertises Win for the man who is "Sealing the Deal. Catching her eye. Making a mark. Like the men who wear it, Win is bold complex and unforgettable." The truth is they are right.

Scents of bergamot, mandarin and nutmeg combine with carnation, cumin and cinnamon to provide a rich fresh array, grounded by the masculine patchouli, vetiver and amber. WARNING: This is not for the young man that is yet to relinquish his teen years.

This is for MEN.

WIN brings a feeling of confidence with it, knowing that it will draw the attention you want, without drowning out the room.

WIN is available at Man Time Grooming and Barber Shop ($49.95).

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