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Find Men’s Waxing and Male Laser Hair Removal at Man Time

Get ready to look incredible for those all-important holiday parties. At Man Time Grooming and Barbershop, we have all the hair removal solutions you need in one place.


In the past, many people considered it unusual or out of the ordinary for a gentleman to visit the spa or salon. Thankfully, times have changed,  and proper grooming with the support of waxing and laser hair removal is now the norm for many men. Why put up with stubborn, unwanted body and facial hair when you can come in for a brief break from the world to relax and have all your male hair removal on the Central Coast taken care of?


The Pros of Men’s Laser Hair Removal on the Central Coast


Man Time Grooming has a variety of options when it comes to the removal of body hair. Many men choose this indulgent extra so they look and feel their best and can maintain their confidence in any situation. Preparing for a special event or a big date? The right personal grooming can make you feel attractive and ready to face whatever the night brings.


Why do men choose to wax? Men’s waxing on the Central Coast is quick and fairly painless. Men these days want the same options to manage their body hair as women—and we say, why not? Everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel their best. Here are some of the reasons men come to Man Time Grooming for waxing or laser hair removal:

  • Whether you choose a wax or laser hair removal, you will look clean and pristine every day

  • Over time, you save money by skipping the pricey razors—and with laser hair removal, you’ll even skip the cost of a wax

  • Laser hair removal destroys the hair roots and all, prohibiting most hair growth

  • These services can be done anywhere on the body to boost your confidence


Get a wax every six weeks to maintain those eyebrows and show off that chiselled chest without the distraction of unwanted body hair. If you are looking for a more permanent hair removal solution, then men’s laser hair removal on the Central Coast is the way to go. Six sessions, six weeks apart and you will effectively remove all that unnecessary hair permanently.


Keep Your Partner Happy by Looking and Feeling Your Best


Man Time Grooming is the only male hair removal provider on the Central Coast that will give you not just immaculate services but also the ultimate in relaxation. Step away from reality and into bliss as we offer you a complete pampering session with a complimentary spirit, beer, soft drink, or coffee to maximise the indulgence factor. Need a shave or haircut? Enjoy a hot towel, moisturising shaving cream, and a clean shave on the back of your neck free of charge once we have finished with your appointment. Surprise your partner with a clean wax or stylish haircut that will have them dying to show you off to the world.


Make your booking online today and kick-start a regular indulgence that will have you looking and feeling your best, whether you’re looking for long-term hair removal support or a sharp new haircut. Man Time Grooming is the one-stop shop for men’s care with a passion for helping men look and feel their best with great cuts, laser hair removal, and men’s waxing on the Central Coast.

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