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Man Time Grooming and Barber Shop Providing Men’s Haircut in Bateau Bay

Appearance is important for any person. For men, it can be hard to find a barber in Bateau Bay that can service all the grooming needs that a man requires to feel good.

A leading motto in our shop is if you look good, you feel good! The best way that we know how to do that is by offering you different grooming options that will have you looking and feeling good once you walk out of our door.

What Barber Services in Bateau Bay Do We Offer?


Every man has their own style that they prefer when it comes to their hair or shave. Our barber shop near Bateau Bay offers different cuts and shaves that will suit any personal preference. We do not provide just men’s haircut in Bateau Bay; we provide a full service that will relax and treat any man.

We understand that sometimes you need a simple barber cut service. For these clients, we offer our Barber Cut Plus treatment. This is our go-to service. We provide you with a professional shampoo and conditioning treatment with an eyebrow tidy-up as well as a straight razor neck shave.

Looking for a quick and easy clipper trim? We provide traditional clipper-only services at our shop. One of our barber professionals will attend to you with a level 1-2 clipper cut. We know that while this cut may be pretty straightforward, having that excess hair gone can make you feel a world of difference.

A preferred choice among our clients is our Premium Cut. This haircut begins with a hair shampoo and conditioning followed by a scalp massage. To make this cut premium, we incorporate a deep cleansing facial scrub, mask and massage.

Many men walk into our barber shop looking for a complete and total overhaul. They aren’t happy with their current style for various reasons, from feeling that their look is outdated, their partner has asked them for a change, or they just need something new and different. For this client, we offer our Re-Style barber services. Our team of professional barbers will provide you with a whole new and fresh look that will accomplish the style change that you wish to achieve.

Choose Us to Be Your Barber Shop in Bateau Bay

A principle goal of our barber shop is to keep men feeling good about their appearance. For men who have a set look and style, we will provide you with that same fantastic look while also helping the men that may need a little guidance or direction for a change in their overall appearance. As a Barber and Day Spa specifically designed for men, we pride ourselves on being able to service all your grooming needs.

Contact us via our convenient online booking form or call us on 02 4339 823 to schedule your appointment or to find out more about our barber services in Bateau Bay.

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